Healing for Healers – Dedicated Program for Doctors

Why Wellness For Doctors?

“Doctors see all the weaknesses of the mankind & in their zeal to heal, fail or forget to take care of themselves“

  • Most of you spend a majority of their lives working at the Hospital.
  • Hence, its obvious that their quality of life depends a lot on how you spend time at your respective work area.
  • Interestingly, it also affects the performance of the organisation. 
  •  After speaking to 100s of Doctors, we have realised that though these people may be working at the same place, their problems are very different.
  • Hence we have developed a module which though works on group front but still is very personalised.

Course Package

  • Initial consultation/ Orientation for everyone.
  • Teaching of various yogic practices/Exercises.
  • Easy quick tips to be followed in Hospital working hours.
  • Practical lifestyle changes.
  • Special relaxation and meditation sessions.
  • Chakra healing sessions through guided meditation.
  • Consultation once a week in your working place.
  • Personalized guide for every participant catering to their specific needs.
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