Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the Ultimate Wellness


We at “Pravaah” believe in changing the way we eat, breathe and live.

Complete physical, mental and emotional depends on the flow of incidents, emotions, thoughts and karmic cycles in our life.

To gain wholistic wellness and health we need to apply comprehensive measures that direct our flow towards the desired Wellness.

But at the same time, the solutions provided are optimal and practical. Something that we can squeeze in our day to day fast lives. The Sequence or flow is very important in the practices that we follow. Be it the flow of exercises, or be it flow of breathing during exercises everything matters to detail.


We've got classes for...

  •   Meditation   •   Beginners   •   Runners   •   Cyclists   •   Prenatal   •   Travel   •   Men   •   Women

Client Feedback

  • DCP-Principal
    Sahana ma'am has got a knack of teaching things in a very structured manner which makes it possible for maximum knowledge to be received and remembered in least time. She  definitely leaves behind a mark in the lives touched.
    Training Centre
  • Senate Member
    Sahana madam of Pravaah Wellness is an extra ordinary teacher and is loved by her students for her enthusiastic , friendly communication while making long lasting value education to the lives of students She uses day-to-day examples to explain the concepts
    Senate Member
    Mumbai University
  • Corporate Professional
    Learning Yoga at Pravaah Wellness is like taking a rebirth. Being a corporate professional, it was very difficult for me to learn something that I can do everyday not more than 30 minutes . And Pravaah Wellness has helped me with just what I wanted. I feel much more healthy, happy and at peace even in my busy professional life.
    Corporate Professional
    Chartered Accountant

Let us help you to choose the right regime!

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