Corporate Wellness Officer

Why Does Your company Need a Wellness Officer?

A large majority of today's working community spend most of their lives working in the four walls of their office complexes without great amount of activity thus leading to a sedentary lifestyle .Over longer periods of time this lifestyle affect the individual and the performance of organization.

After interacting with 100s of employees across corporate,we realized that thought the individuals may be working at the same place, their problems are quite different from one another.Hence we have developed unique corporate modules to take special care of each of the individual employees in a personalized manner.

The course consist of:

  • Initial consultation/ Orientation for everyone.
  • Including basic understanding of human body & system which would help employees take better care of their health.
  • Going through medical reports of people with health issues and consulting with my trusted doctors.
  • Teaching of various yogic practices/ exercises.
  • Easy quick tips to be followed in office.
  • Diet advice.
  • Practical lifestyle changes.
  • Consultation once a week in your office.
  • Free doubt solving on email/phone.
  • Personalized guide for every participant catering to their specific needs.
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