Action focused on intent is better than action focused on outcome-Quotes Lord Krishna!

Being happy never goes out of style, so make a bold style statement from today!
April 30, 2018
“If Your food comes from a plant or natural source- eat it, If it comes from a processing plant quit it!” Its time we go back to our natural ways of eating food and treat our food like food instead of broken nutrients.
May 10, 2018

Krishna loved to taste butter ever since his childhood. Knowing this, his devotees and Gopikas would always bring him some fresh butter.

One day it so happened that, the Yamuna river was overflowing, and Krishna was on the other side of the river. They were used to offer Krishna butter every day and hence it made them sad that were not able to offer him some butter today.

One of the Smart Gopikas remembered the name of sage Vyasa and they all went together to Vyasa to ask for a miracle so that they could cross the overflowing river to Krishna.


“Krishna! Krishna!” Vyasa shouted, pretending to be displeased. He continued “All You ever see is Krishna! What about me?”

Gopikas were scared because Vyasa was a great sage and also were embarrassed for not offering him any butter before asking for help. But they were anyhow going to take his help, so they offered him some butter, but Vyasa was not at all satisfied with little, he asked for more and more, until he ate almost all of what was brought for Krishna.

Gopikas were unhappy that Vyasa had finished major chunk of butter and had left only a small portion of butter for Krishna. But considering how great the sage Vyasa was, they did not dare to show their discontent.

“Alright” said the Vyasa and took them to the Yamuna river, “O Yamuna, if I have not eaten anything, divide up part and let these Gopikas pass”.

Gopikas could not believe what they were hearing, they had just seen him eat a bellyful of butter which was supposed to be for Krishna. Yet, to their surprise, Yamuna parted and gave them their way through and they could not believe the sight.

They quickly walked to the other side looking for Krishna and found him sleeping happily in his hut. He wasn’t waiting for them as he did every day. “Lord aren’t you hungry? we have brought the best butter we could get. Please eat it” said the Gopikas.

Krishna opened his eyes slowly and said “Oh, thank you, but I’m no longer hungry. Sage Vyasa, on the other side has already fed me too much”

“But how is it possible? he was on the other side, and he himself ate all the butter in front of us!” exclaimed the Gopikas

“Oh! but he was thinking of me constantly while eating it. He was connected to me through his whole-hearted and hence I ate through him” said Krishna.

Gopikas were touched with Krishna’s Leela and also got enlightened with the Underlying message. God sees the intention behind any action than the presentation.

The message for us is, deep at heart we all humans too are designed to look at intentions of other person than the presentation.

With this wonderful small story of Krishna’s life and Leelas let us learn to See intent and concerns of people around!

Love, Light and Peace!

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