“Obedience is the mother of success and is Wedded to Safety!” a story from mythology propagating ‘The power of Obedience and Perseverance.’

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March 28, 2018
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Since the creation of Universe, there have always been war in between the Gods(Devas) and Devils(Asuras): The Good and Evil.

The demons were quite submissive to their spiritual master Sukracharya and when there was battle between devas and asuras, the asuras were victorious, on account of their submission to their Guru Shukracharya.

The upset Devas found out that Shukracharya was using amrita sanjeevani mantra (the elixir hymn) which brought the dead and injured demons back to life.

The devas insisted Brihaspati their spiritual master to look into the matter. He summoned his son Kacha to go and learn the mantra from Shukracharya.

Kacha wholeheartedly accepted his father’s instruction and took it up as goal of his life. Kacha was Determined to get the mantra from Guru Shukracharya, though he knew the entire endeavour would be life-threatening. He went to other camp and offered respects to Shukracharya and told him to accept him as his disciple.

Sukracharya was well aware of Kacha’s inner motive to learn the amrita sanjeevani mantra. Being a spiritual Guru, he couldn’t deny taking an aspirant to be a disciple. But he was determined not to teach that to him.

Kacha was a very noble boy with extreme obedience to Guru and due to his charm, Shukracharya’s daughter, Devayani fell in love with Kacha and decided that she will marry only him.

But in the meanwhile, the asuras did not like Kacha’s presence and so they decided to kill him. They chopped him into pieces and threw all the pieces in different directions.

In the evening Devayani, not finding Kacha, went to her father and said, “Father, I feel that something wrong has happened. Please use your amrita sanjeevani and bring Kacha back as I want to marry him.”

Shukracharya couldn’t see his beloved chanted the mantra and from nowhere Kacha appeared again.

Kacha requested him to teach the mantra with which he brought him back. But Shukracharya refused to give it. Kacha waited patiently.

The next time the demons took him to a faraway place to kill him. They ground his body in the grinding mortar into a nice paste and threw the paste into the ocean. Again, Devayani cried and amrita sanjeevani was chanted and Kacha came back. Kacha requested Shukracharya for the mantra, but again he was denied.

Kacha did not lose heart. He remembered the force and power of obedience – the potency of obedience.

Next time the asuras wanted to make sure that the mantra is not used. This time they killed Kacha, they chopped him up, they ground him, made him into a paste and then they took a glass of wine and they poured the powder into the wine and gave it to Sukracharya to drink.

In the evening, when Devayani asked for Kacha, Sukracharya realized that Kacha is in his stomach. But if he came out, Shukracarya himself would be killed in the process. At this time, Kacha spoke from within the stomach.

He told Shukracharya, “If you want to live, you have to teach me amrita sanjeevani because when you use amrita sanjeevani, and I come out, you will be dead. Then when you are dead, I will use amrita sanjeevani and bring you back to life.”

Then Shukracharya had no choice and he taught Kacha the mantra.

Grudgingly he blessed Kacha and said, “I do not know where you learnt this trait, but by the power of your obedience to your father and spiritual master, you have literally forced this mantra from me which even the greatest of the devatas could not learn.”

This beautiful story teaches us the magic of obedience and perseverance.

We can see Kacha took his father’s instructions wholeheartedly with full surrender and so he was able to tolerate all the troubles.

Also, he won over his enemy and made him tech the required things which proves the fact that by obedience and perseverance you can turn any situation and person in your favour.

We tend to completely ignore the instructions which are not palatable to our mind, ego and intelligence. Thus, we lose out on opportunities to learn and succeed.

A lesson and moral worth learning in today’s day to day life while facing the real world too.

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