Keep the sunshine of your life- your kids safe and healthy this summer with these easy tips.

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March 17, 2018
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March 21, 2018


Dehydration is the most common summer health concern in kids, mainly because they’re so busy playing, they simply forget to drink! They probably look like they’re drinking more than usual, but it’s likely to still be less than what their bodies need in hot weather. The signs of dehydration include extreme thirst, fatigue and very little and dark yellow urine.

  • Solution: Give them water, oral rehydration solution, fresh citric juice or coconut water – these help to restore the minerals and salts lost.


  1. Sun-tan, Sun-burn and Heat stroke:

Skin tans on exposure to the sun are normal, it’s usually just melanin pigments affected. Sunburns appear red and may cause itchiness or blisters. A heat stroke or sun stroke is high temperature, dizziness, rapid breathing and increased heart rate.

  • Solution: Keep kids out of the sun from 11:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M., when the sun’s rays are at the highest.
  • Make them wear sun hats whenever they go out. Always use sunscreen while out in the sun.


  1. Fungal Infections and Prickly Heat:

Indian summers are notorious for their high humidity, so sweating is a given. Unfortunately, this is the perfect environment for fungal infections. Common spots are the underarms, groin, between the toes and body folds or creases which don’t get much air time. It usually presents itself as constant itching and redness. Prickly heat occurs because of excessive sweating which ends up blocking the sweat glands. It usually appears as tiny raised spots over a surface of the body like the back, abdomen or arms. It can be very uncomfortable.

  • It is important to maintain good hygiene and wear clean, dry clothes at all times.
  • Always wash the hands and feet after playing. Change the sweat stained clothes frequently during a day.
  • Don’t allow children to share clothing like shirts, shoes, etc.
  • The use of child-safe prickly heat powder offers relief. Dress the child in soft light weight cotton clothes.
  • If your child has prickly heat, then wash him in luke-warm water and allow some nude time for the rashes to get healed.
  • Use light and natural fabrics in summer.


  1. Eye Irritation:

The sun’s rays are the strongest during summer and particularly so for the eyes. Direct exposure to intense heat can hurt little children’s eyes and cause irritation and dryness. Another factor is the excess screen time kids get during vacations, leading to more dryness in the eye.

  • Restrict screen time at home.
  • Make kids wear a hat with a large brim and sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Make them rinse their eyes will with water at regular intervals with cupped palms.


  1. Water and food borne diseases:

Water borne diseases are seen in summers due to food or water borne diseases. Due to water shortage, the food you eat from outside may be served on unwashed plates. There is also a tendency to drink juices from outside which may be made from unclean water.

  • Try to make kids avoid outside food and eat from home as much as possible.
  • While on vacation, avoid dicey places and stick to hot, cooked food and bottled water.


  1. Injuries:

Vacation time increases injuries in children.

  • Make sure you get enough when injured, apply antiseptic to bruises or ice to the injured site, and keep the injured area elevated and hygienic.


  1. Lot of spare time: Summer vacation leaves kids with lot of spare time and this might get them into too much into tele-vision and laptop which as already discussed is not good. Parents need to plan good outdoor activities for children. New exercise classes, swimming and Yoga classes are few best options.


Over and above, few things to be taken care of on diet front and exercises include.

  1. Never skip breakfast: Make sure to give kids nutritious foods that support their increased physical activity for the day as well as for bone, muscle, & brain growth. Home made breakfast is the best alongside nuts and milk.
  2. Include fresh fruits & vegetables daily: Make your kid consume lot of fresh fruits and veggies with each important meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  3. Exercises: Yoga is one of the best form of exercises for kids in summer. It re-energizes and rejuvenates kids keeping their internal systems healthy.
  4. Get plenty of rest:Make sure your child gets plenty of rest to prevent heat exhaustion while playing outside, take frequent shaded breaks. Getting 8-10 hours of sleep every night is important for growth.


For more such tips, queries,  summer Yoga classes for kids or diets chart for kids, get in touch with me at or message at 7741979179.

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