Mahashivratrie: A night to upsurge your energies for spiritual growth and Success in ambitions.

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Science and spirituality form the foundation of the Vedic religion. The Vedantic Hindu philosophy brings out the expressions of divine principles and cosmic theories through mystical stories.

And the essence is percolated in socio cultural life through festivals, which are in resonance to nature.


If we look at The Hindu Trinity Gods,

  • Brahma = the Creator who takes care of generation requires right knowledge and hence Saraswati the Goddess of Knowledge is his wife.
  • Vishnu = the protector who carries out operation requires resources of all kinds hence Lakshmi the Goddess of Fortune is his wife.
  • Shiva = the destroyer who performs constructive destruction requires tremendous energy hence Parvati the Goddess of Conscious & energy is his wife.


The fourteenth day of every lunar month or the day before the new moon is known as Shivratri. Among all the twelve Shivratris in a year, Mahashivratri, the one that occurs in the lunar month of Phalgun (February/March) is of the most spiritual significance.

Astronomically on this night, the northern hemisphere of the planet is positioned in such a way that there is a natural upsurge of energy in a human being. This is a day when nature is pushing one towards one’s spiritual peak by splurge of energy.

To utilize this energies, Mahashivratri is celebrated night-long. When you are awake, your spine stays vertical paving way for upward flow of energies. So the festival is celebrated night-long to allow this natural upsurge of energies make their way upwards in your mind, body & soul.

Mahashivratri is very significant for spiritual aspirants and also for the ambitious in the world. Immediately after Mahashivaratri, almost like a miracle, the trees are full of flowers as if to announce that after winter, the fertility of the earth has been rejuvenated. And this is one of the reasons why the Shiv-Linga is worshipped throughout India as a symbol of fertility.

The appearance of Shiva has mystic spiritual meaning and significance.

  1. Colour: The colour of Deity Shiva is white which signifies ultimate peace. White colour is formed by blending all colors. Thus, Colour of Lord Shiva symbolizes the ultimate peace after blending all the events and happenings in life.
  2. Ganga: River Ganga flows from the Bun of Lord Shiva. River Ganga is Holy/pure and ever-flowing. While descending to earth, the speed of Ganga being extremely strong, would have destroyed life on earth where it flew. So Lord Shiva bore her on his hair bun, mellowing her speed down. This signifies how we humans through our mind can control the aggression of energies and channelize them for the right outcome.
  3. Moon: Shiva adorns the Chandra (Moon) on His forehead. The moon signifies qualities of affection, compassion and maternal love.
  4. Third Eye : The vertical eye on Shiva’s forehead and just above the midpoint of the eyebrows symbolizes the concentration of strong powers located in Adnya chakra in a human. Also, being three-eyed, points towards the special power of being able to perceive events in the past, present and future.
  5. Naga (Serpent): Lord Shiva wears Naga the serpent around his neck. The serpent is a representation of the Purushtattva (God Principle). He is the Deity that bestows progeny.

6.Bhasma: Pure ash is known as bhasma. Shiva has applied bhasma (Holy ash) all over His body. It symbolizes austerity and detachment to the worldly material life. Since the human body has limited life, it is going to turn to ash after death. Hence, none should be desirous of the body. Bhasma signifies this. You should always be aware of the fact that death can come any moment.

7.Rudraksha: Shiva adorns chains of rudraksha beads around his curls, on His head and around the neck, arms, wrists and waist. Rudraksha is a fruit which never gets destroyed. Rudraksha is a symbol of our soul which is never destroyed.

8.Vyaghrambar: the seat made from tiger hide.
Tiger symbolizes the Raja and Tama components) is a symbol of cruelty. Shiva killed the Raja-Tama and made a Seat from its skin and lives in the moment of bliss and eternal peace.

Let us All celebrate this cosmic transition towards new bloom and stay awake all night, gain the strong energies and channelize them for fulfilling all our ambitions.

May Lord Shiva bless You all with a long, healthy life bestowing you with all the success in your ambitions.

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