Know Your Strengths, Analyse your situations and never under estimate your opponents: Lord Krishna’s teachings!

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January 20, 2018
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February 13, 2018

After the war of Mahabharata, the Pandava brothers ruled the kingdom wisely with the five of them being good in their respective qualities and positions. Arjuna gained name and fame as a saviour thanks to his archery skills and his famous Gandiva bow.

Enthralled by his achievements, One day Arjuna went to Dwarka to meet Lord Krishna- his ultimate consort. In due course of talk Arjuna said to Lord,Now that I have the Gandiv Dhanusha, I can win over anything which comes my way.”

While they were taking their stroll, they heard a man weeping. On tracing the voice, they saw a Brahmin crying. They went to the Brahmin and Arjuna asked, “Dear Brahmin, why are you crying?”

The Brahmin told he is lamenting the death of his ninth son and that, all his previous eight sons too died of similar fate. He complained to Arjuna saying “What use is the mighty King Krishna to me, if his powers couldn’t save my sons?”

Krishna just smiled at the Brahmin saying, “That what is destined to happen, will happen and I too am bound with the laws of Karma, nature and destiny”

But Arjuna very vehemently announced, “I can save your next child. Just inform me before your wife is about to deliver your tenth son. I possess the Gandiv Dhanusha and I can win over any evil and if I fail to do so, then I will Jump into fire alive.”


After nine months, the Brahmin came back to Arjuna informing him that his wife is due for delivering his tenth son. Arjuna immediately followed the Brahmin to his hut.

Arjuna shot numerous arrows from the Gandiva bow and covered the Brahmin’s hut forming a canopy of arrows. He himself stood to guard the hut against Yama, the God of Death.

After a few minutes, they were elated to hear the voice of baby’s cry and the Brahmin entered to see his child.

He returned back with agony and fury saying to Arjuna, “You lied, you couldn’t protect my son. I could atleast see my previous nine sons, but this one just vanished in air after birth before I could enter”

Arjuna very sadly but still confidently promised to get the Brahmin’s son back. He searched everywhere but to his disappointment he could not find the son. Feeling dejected and ashamed, he decided to jump into the fire.

Just as he was about to jump the fire, Lord Krishna appeared in front of him and said to him, “My dear Arjuna, do not jump in fire and come along with me. I will take you to the Brahmin’s son.”

Arjuna followed Krishna and got into his chariot which rode them to a dark place where there was nothing in sight. Lord Krishna lightened the place with his Sudarshan chakra and to his surprise he realised that they had entered the Kshirsagara-the abode of Lord Vishnu.

He saw Lord Vishnu sitting on his Shesha naga-the thousand headed serpent with the tenth son of Brahmin in his lap playing joyfully. To his surprise, he saw the other nine sons of Brahmin engrossed in Vishnu’s kingdom performing their religious duties.

Lord Vishnu very lovingly told Arjuna that the Sanchita (previous birth) karma of the Brahmin and his nine sons put them in a Karmic situation where it was destined that the Brahmin will lose his nine sons and the sons too were destined to die instantly on birth. He further added that tenth son would be his only surviving son as per the destiny’s plan.

He said to Arjuna that he in Awe of his achievements had forgot that there are things, powers and destiny’s plan which are beyond his control and beyond the powers of his weapon Gandiva.

Lord Vishnu very quoted “Dear Arjuna, You need to make yourself aware of the scope & limitations of your powers and should never underestimate the power of opponent or situations. Without analysing the situation you Promised Brahmin to bring his son back. I called the tenth son here so that you learn your lesson. Now take back this tenth son back and keep your word to Brahmin”

Arjuna enlightened with the Lord Vishnu’s words and Leela, bowed down seeking his blessings. Filled with gratitude and joy, he left back to Brahmin’s hut with the baby in hand.

The Brahmin and his wife were delighted to see Arjuna with their son. They thanked Arjuna and gave him blessings for future.  Arjuna very politely thanked Lord Vishnu in his heart and returned back to Krishna’s palace.

Folks, let us learn to analyse situations better, know our powers well and not underestimate our opponents. May Lord Krishna bless you with success in all your endeavours!

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