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What does the Bhagwad Gita tell us about our Physical & Mental Health.
December 9, 2017
My perspectives of Sage Patanjali’s Yogsutras, article 4: Mind’s nature, states and fluctuations.
December 20, 2017

Krishna and Arjuna shared a very unique relationship. They were cousins to each other but were the greatest of friends and furthermore they shared a Mentor-Mentee relation too. Known as eternal consorts Nar-Narayana, they both shared deepest faith, love and understanding. right from relationship issues to administration and warfare, Krishna & Arjuna were together everywhere.

On one morning, Krishna & Arjuna were taking a stroll in the beautiful forest garden adjoining a river. The atmosphere was filled with freshness and joy with tender sunrays, freshly bloomed flowers, chirping birds and gentle breezes. Lord Krishna and Arjuna were discussing matter related to their kingdom when their conversation was interrupted by a voice of a beggar.

Arjuna felt pity on his condition and gave him a bag of gold coins. The man was overjoyed and went home. On his way he was robbed by a thief. He cursed his fate and the continued to beg next day too.

Arjuna and Krishna saw him again the next day. Arjuna as surprised to see him begging again and enquired. On knowing his story, once again took pity and gave him a large diamond. The man took it home and kept it in an old pot which had been unused for many years so as to keep it safe and went to sleep.

The next morning before he could wake up, his wife went to fetch water from the river and on her way back, she slipped and fell breaking her pot. She remembered the pot at home which lay unused and brought it to fill it with water. When she dipped the pot in to the river the diamond escaped the pot and went in to the river. When she returned home the Brahmin was desperately searching the house for the pot and when he saw it in his wife’s hands, he understood what had happened. Extremely disappointed with what had happened, he once again left home to go begging.

Once again Arjuna and Krishna saw him, Arjuna again enquired him and got to know unfortunate incident that had happened. He said to Krishna,” I don’t think this man is destined to be blessed with riches at all, I don’t think I can help him anymore”. Krishna then gave the man two pennies and the man took them and walked away. Arjuna then asked Krishna,” My Lord, if gold coins and diamond could not change his condition, how would two pennies help him?”. Krishna just gave his usual enigmatic smile.

As the man walked home he was cursing his fate, he saw a fish that had just been caught by a fisherman and was struggling for its life. He felt pity about it and thought to himself,” these two pennies cannot fetch me and my family food anyway, let me at least save the life of this poor fish”. He purchased the fish and was about to throw it in the river when he saw that the breathlessness of the fish was caused due to some large obstruction in its mouth, he put his finger in fish mouth removed what was stuck. To his surprise, it was the same diamond he had lost in the river. He was overjoyed and started shouting “I found it! I found it”. At this time the thief that had robbed him in the forest was passing by and heard the beggar shouting and thought that the beggar has come along with king’s army and was shouting on seeing him. Fearing that the army will take him to the king for a trial and execution, he fell at the beggar’s feet, begged for his forgiveness and returned all the gold coins he had stolen from him.

The beggar was happy and walked away joyfully with all his wealth. He went straight to Arjuna to narrate the turn of events and thanked him for all his help and went away.

Arjuna then asked Krishna, “How is it that my gold and diamond could not help him but just two pennies of yours did?” Krishna replied,” when he had the gold and diamonds he was only thinking of himself and his needs, but when he had the two pennies he put the needs of another life-the fish before his. This made the destiny take care of his needs in return of his good karma. The truth is O Arjuna when you think of the pain and needs of others and work to help them, you are doing God’s work and hence God Himself is compelled take care of you in return of your good Karma”

Folks, a wonderful story to propagate the theory of helping one another and initiating good karma. As the famous quote goes, “If everyone discharges his own duty, rights wouldn’t be far to seek.” Similarly, if everyone helps each other, happiness wouldn’t be far to seek.

With this Year going to end, let us make this beautiful resolution for coming year.

Love, Light and peace.

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