#Pravaahspeaks, Garbha Sanskaar (Pre-Natal Yoga) for the Expecting mother and baby.

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December 2, 2017
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Having a baby is one of the most unique and happy experiences for any couple. The feeling of bringing a life into the world which is our miniature version feels just so awesome.

This journey of getting to know the news first to delivering a baby is a real roller coaster ride for a woman, with constant changes in her body. A woman goes through lot of changes in her body and hormones which result in mood swings. Furthermore, un-easiness, morning sickness and difficulty in digestion are some of the effects a pregnant mother has to go through. She happily embraces all the change for her little one.

During pregnancy, it becomes extremely important to take best care of the woman’s day round schedule & lifestyle. Garbha Sanskara or pre-natal yoga is a scientifically proven way of helping an expecting woman to overcome her practical difficulties in pregnancy, prepare her body for child birth and at the same time focus on her emotional & mental health. Garbha sanskara initiates better development of baby along with the mother.

When does one start ?: Garbha sanskara starts even before the conception by woman.

What does it involve ? : It includes procedures like panchakarma, lifestyle changes like diet, exercises etc by husband-wife so that they contribute healthy gamates (sperms and eggs) for conception. As the famous adage goes, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” It avoids passing on prakriti doshas or the inherenet health issues to the baby. But if Garbha sanskara isn’t done before conception, doesn’t mean you cannot start it after. It benefits equally even if started once pregnant and is basically a life style to be followed by the expecting mother from the onset of her pregnancy.

It includes:

  1. Pranayama:
  • It helps in over-all health of pregnant women.
  • It helps to keep the existing health issues in control.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Helps strengthening metabolism which in turn improves digestion.
  • It helps them to gain control on breathing which helps a lot during labour.
  • Helps in generation of healthy cells which in turn lead to healthy development of baby.
  1. Yogasanas:
  • Strengthens the spine and back of pregnant women.
  • Soothes body pain.
  • Helps to develop strength in muscles preparing body to bear the bump weight within.
  • Increases flexibility for better delivery.
  1. Diet changes:
  • First & foremost to control morning sickness small easy tips can help a lot.
  • Considering the weak digestion with expecting mothers, a tailor-made diet helps a lot to gain required nourishment for a healthy pregnancy.
  • The right food helps in better development of the baby’s body & brain in its womb.
  1. Om & other mantras:
  • The vibrations of mantras create a positive and calming effect in the expecting mother.
  • It rejuvenates the energy chakras of the woman which help in over-all well-being of body systems of woman.
  • It boosts brain development of foetus in the womb.
  1. Soft happy Music: Indian philosophy has specific ragas for pregnant women which give immense good results. Along with these any soft happy music gives good benefits like,
  • Music calms and lifts the mood of the expecting mother.
  • It creates happy vibrations in the mother and baby too.
  1. Reading & story telling:
  • 60% of the brain of baby being developed in the womb, reading by mother helps in better brain capacity of baby after it is born.
  • Telling stories of valour, knowledge and courage has been shown to have developed good inherent qualities in baby.
  • Story telling helps the expecting parents connect better with their baby.


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