Why play sports & compete when you can relax & survive? Can we really survive & be fit without physical activity ?

My perspective of Yog sutras by sage Patanjali, article 2: Yog and mind.
November 29, 2017
#Pravaahspeaks, Garbha Sanskaar (Pre-Natal Yoga) for the Expecting mother and baby.
December 5, 2017

We as humans evolved to what we are today from a very basic animal setup!

You heard that right – our ancestors hunted game in the jungles, dug tubers to eat & survived.

Long before we learnt to use weapons, carts, and get into agriculture – our human instinct was very similar to animals !
We were go getters – though just about surviving for the day.
It was the survival of the fittest.

Over time we slowly we developed into relatively complex human beings.

The go getter attitude and the ability to stay in the present day was something that kept them healthy and they lived longer too.

In the process of evolution, we had to have something that kept out instincts alive and live up-to the requirements of “survival of the fittest” Hence, sports !

Bringing me to my point, when human civilizations developed, our way of living too changed dramatically. From a race which hunted for its own meat, dug its own tubers to a race which bartered products & services in exchange to directly get food grains & meat. With advent of currency economy, we bought grains, meat, hired human help to cook and now things can be done at the click of finger due to advent of technology.

In this evolution of hunting to get your own food to getting food on table ready in the platter, we stood a risk of losing our instincts of being a go getter and hence competitive sports can be termed as one of the best discovery of humans.

If we look closely, apart from direct physical benefits of sports & competitions like fitness, endurance, toned body, increased stamina, better immunity etc., there are many personality traits & qualities we learn & develop through competitive sports.

Competitive sports develop following qualities:

  1. Competitive spirit to look forward to the game, try to stay in it till last moment and take every chance to win it.
  2. It teaches us to learn to take challenges head on while in the game and learn to way find a way out of difficult situations that arise.
  3. It teaches us to be creative with our approach to solve problems and get through our goal.
  4. It makes us plan and strategize according to the opponent and keeps us on our toes to re-strategize our approach to win over.
  5. It increases foresight because we are always focused on looking for giving our best.
  6. Sports increase mental alertness by making us think, plan, face challenges, expect the unexpected and synergize our energies.
  7. Sports increases focus and determination qualities of a player.
  8. The best part is when we are focused on game, focused on winning and giving our best- we live in that exact moment, i.e., the present moment. That is what exactly yoga teaches us to do. We do not have extra space to stare at the past, contemplate and regret, we just live the moment. This makes ‘sports’ as one of the best stress management techniques.

The only thing we must be careful is we play “Fair”. A fair game always helps us achieve the above said qualities. It’s the process we must trust and follow which in turn will help us achieve the desired goals.

Go out guys! Play a sport and be a sport with life’s happenings. Achieve your goals and live your dreams righteously to give your best to the life.

Tathastu! ‘May all your dreams & wishes come true’

Love, Light and Peace to all.

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