#Pravaahspeaks, Why play sports & compete when you can relax & survive? Well wait, can we really survive fit without that?!

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November 22, 2017
My perspective of Yog sutras by sage Patanjali, article 2: Yog and mind.
November 29, 2017
  1. We as humans evolved to what we are today from a very basic animal setup!
    Yes u heard it right- we hunted animals, dug tubers to eat & survive.

Long before we learnt to use weapons,carts, do agriculture-our human instinct was very similar to animals!
We were go getters- thought just about surviving for the day.
Because the fittest survived.

And slowly we developed into a complex human beings.

But the go getter attitude and the ability to stay in the present day was something that kept them healthy and they lived longer too.

So in the process of evolution, we had to have something that kept out instincts alive and live upto the requirements of “survival of fittest”
Hence, sports!

This week, Will be sharing my perspectives on sports and human psychology-physiology.

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