Corporate India needs their own ‘Stress Busters’ called ‘Wellness Officers’ !!!!

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September 15, 2017
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September 16, 2017

The morning tea went bitter with the news of a banker friend passing away by heart attack, and can you guess at what age ? Well, just 38 ! It intrigued me to revisit some research and data samples on leading causes of heart attacks.

46% of workforce in firms in India suffer from some or the other form of stress (Source: Economic Times). The study found 43% with skewed BMI (body mass index), of which 30% with diabetic risk, 30% with hypertension risk and 46% are found to be high on stress. These numbers are about 30% higher than a survey that it conducted in 2014 with a sample size of 30,000.

There is a rising case of metabolic syndrome that includes diabetes, high uric acid, high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol. But the major concern of all the effects of stress is the alarming increase in heart attacks, amongst urban working Population. A sample study on 46,000 urban Indians shows that 78 per cent of men between 30 and 34 run the risk of a heart attacks…..and their hearts seems to be ageing faster than their real age.

A supportive research quoted “Men living in cities are three times more prone to heart attacks than people living in villages.”

To add to stress, smoking, high blood pressure, genetic history, lifestyles, especially the higher intake of carbohydrate rich foods and lack of regular physical exercise are other factors that lead to heart attack.Its all a vicious cycle.

These days, we try to release stress by going to parties, bouts of drinking and heavy eating, which in turn takes a toll on health.

The clock of this risk bomb ticking fast, we need to buckle up and find more comprehensive solutions to cope up. A 360-degree solution is important which works on multi fold approach to prevent and cure the issues related to health of mind and body.

A root-cause philosophy, which is systematic and not symptomatic plays a crucial role in curing our health problems. We need to have an end to end stress busting therapy approach which starts with counselling and ends with tailor-made prescriptions, because one shoe doesn’t fit all.

But the fact stays that, any regime however perfect it is, gets difficult to follow because of many valid and practical reasons, and many a time due to lack of determination. So since the majority of the workforce spend most of their time within the four walls of the office or even commuting & criss crossing the city, we need Corporate Wellness Programs that provide us with optimally practical regimes and lifestyle changes. A regime of exercises, that can be broken into bits and pieces and squeezed in the busy corporate schedules. Quickie exercises that can be done in & around your cubicles should be introduced within the office for the perfect break and stretch by the HR Teams. A proper Diet plan which   compliments your daily activity and not a plain crash diet.

A basic understanding of own body & systems, can do the trick of saving us from major health issues.

Be aware and cautious even with the smallest symptom, remember a small leak can sink great ships !

Wish You a health, happiness and peace.

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