Change is the only Constant… How we manage change around us is very important !

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September 16, 2017
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September 16, 2017

When you add a drop of colour in a glass full of water, it takes some time to dissolve and make the water colourful.

Isn’t this phenomenon seen everywhere in our lives? Be it our personal relations or our professional ones.

A professional organization also more or less exhibits similar traits.

When an employee joins an organization, the same process applies to him also. He should give himself and the organization time to get him into the system. Be it with seniors or the juniors in the company, the elegance of transition and percolation matters a lot. In beginning there will be issues in hierarchical communications, decision making process and one might end up feeling left out at times of discussions. But what matters is the open-ness one maintains towards being proactive in building healthy productive relations.

Consider a girl getting married and is now staying with the in-laws. She would take time to acclimatize in the house, percolate in the system of the house, get accustomed to the traditions/ schedules of the family, and thus she becomes a part of the family diaspora.

If this transition is handled elegantly then she soon becomes an inevitable part of the house, just like the central nervous system of our body! Nothing in the house functions without her participation. Even though the fact stays that the in-laws should be accommodating and understanding to get her in the system, we cannot ignore the fact that the daughter in law also should give some time for the percolation process. She needs to have patience and keep herself away from ego when in the beginning she is yet to become a part of decision making process, the discussions etc. This approach of giving time to any new relationship or role helps to strike the right chord with the elders and younger people at home.

One major difference between personal and professional scenario is that the family transitions are easier because people are more bonded with love as against the professional relations.

But what remains common is, the fact that, “Respect and Position cannot be demanded, it is always commanded.”

Guys, give yourself some time, give time to others too.

Life is more about enjoying the journey and savouring the moments than rushing to the destination!

Stay blessed, Stay awesome !

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