There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs, here are some highly practical practices from Vedas which guarantee success in all walks of life.

My perspectives on Patanjali Yogsutra, article 15- The objectless meditation to dissolve the invisible walls around ourselves built due to unawareness.
May 16, 2018
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May 18, 2018

The Vedas address all aspects of existence through Dharma i.e., the natural laws that uphold the universe, which reflect not only matter and energy but life, mind and consciousness.

We can find among the Vedic sciences a whole range of sciences from astronomy and chemistry to psychology and surgery, extending to astrology and to the science of Yoga itself. We can call this integral approach to both the spiritual and material sciences as ‘Vedic science.’

Traditional India never saw a conflict between science and spirituality. It never suppressed science or art in favour of religion. Rather its arts and sciences developed in harmony with spirituality. However, it did discriminate between the material and the spiritual sciences on the grounds on its objective perceptions.

Vedic practices are mindful techniques based on ancient writings, the Vedas, which dip into the depths of spirit and self. But Vedic practices offer very practical ways for modern people to move closer to our inner selves, which is the best way to attain goals in outer world.

Hereby I try to put across some Vedic practices that are used by highly successful people.

1.A yogic lifestyle for healthy mind-body and soul:

  • Yogasanas for Healthy Body:  Yogasanas are ancient Vedic postures that provide a perfectly toned, strong yet very flexible body. It is a very subtle process of channelizing one’s energies into a particular direction. It provides with all-round fitness, Weight balance, Stress relief, Improved immunity, Increased energy.
  • Dhyana for Healthy Mind: Meditation is a practice which helps an individual to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Physically, it helps lower blood pressure, relieves tension-related aches and pains, improves the immune system. It also helps decrease anxiety, increase emotional stability, and brings clarity of mind. But the most important benefit is that it helps you get a little closer to having some peace of mind and develop strong intuitions for better decision making.
  • Pranayama for repairing and maintaining health: Prana is the energy of life itself. It runs the universe to smallest of living being. Pranayama is the art of aligning ourselves with this energy, through our breath. When we start paying attention to our breath, we will notice that it is a powerful way to focus energy. Pranayama is disease destructor, boosts vigour, heals ailments, boosts immunity, maintains weight & all other balances in body and takes closer to meditation.
  • Ayurvedic ahara for Health: Ayurvedic ahara (diet) are in tune with our body, their body type, seasons and health status and it stays in alignment with these factors. Ayurveda is an ancient integrative science that takes into account the air we breathe, the food we eat, the energy we’re composed of, and the circumstances we live in.
  1. Guru for right direction:

The word Guru can mean having a spiritual Guru or a modern-day mentor. in Sanskrit, it literally means “one who dispels darkness (ignorance)”. We can each benefit from having a mentor who provides guidance in times of crisis, guides us through our practical journey of life and keeps us grounded to realities while giving strength to fly in horizons of dreams.

  1. Satvik Vrutti, Simple & Humble nature:

Having a simple and humble nature makes us more guided and focused towards our goals and brings unshakeable peace in given circumstances. It overall increases our vigour and zest towards life.

  1. Krutadnyata, Gratitude:  Gratitude is proven to attract abundance in all aspects of life. Gratitude opens the door to more relationships, improves physical & mental health, improves psychological health, enhances empathy and reduces aggression, gives better sleep, improves self-esteem and keeps us grounded by keeping ego at bay.

5.Daan, Charity: Its well-known fact that charity brings more positivity and abundance in life. All highly successful and rich people are those who donate wholeheartedly. This aspect of Law of karma acts at a much subtle level than the Newton’s law of action and reaction at the material plane, the more you give- the more you attract.

  1. Karma yoga, Action-oriented approach for best results. An approach that focuses on efforts more than results thus leading to less-stressed positive flowchart.

Following are a few important, approved practices found in our scriptures which lead to perfection in action.

  • Sankalpa, Resolution: You set the goals and give a clear shape to your desires and intention, which lead to better action plan.
  • Abhyas,Practice: You regular and persistent practice of prescribed methods for your action plan.
  • Shraddha, Faith: You have complete faith in your methods, beliefs and goals which keeps you positive and stress free.
  • Dhairya, Courage: You have the courage and confidence to overcome obstacles and succeed by rising above your limitations.
  • Svadhyaya, Self-study: You learn consistently by self-effort the knowledge and skills which is vital to achieve your goals.
  • Shiksha, Learning: You remember and learn from others, from your guru and from your past failures for a better action plan every time.
  • Vairagya, Detachment: You keep your emotions under control and stay detached to the outcome of your efforts which helps you stay stress free.
  • Tapa, Penance: Focused efforts with complete dedication by doing the required sacrifices from distractions.
  • Sthir,Steadfast: You are steadfast in both success and failure, so you don’t develop an ego in success and don’t get depressed in failure.

Such is the beauty of above mentioned Vedic concepts which not only help you succeed in your goals but also help you lead a more fulfilling life.

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