#Pravaahspeaks, Lets prevent and win over cancer.

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After a conference on cancer prevention,Some interesting points came up;
1. No to refined oil
2. No to milks of animal origin (e.g. nido.)
3. No to the consumption of the gasified juices of the different breweries (32 pieces of sugar per liter)
4. No refined sugars
5. No to refined oils
6. No Microwave
7. No to too tight bras going to or after returning from work
8. No alcohol
9. No to reheating frozen meals
10. No to the conservation of water in the refrigerator in plastic bottles …
11. All Deodorants are dangerous especially when used after shaving.
12. Cancer cells thrive on synthetic sugar.

Say yes to:-
1. Vegetables
2. Honey in measured quantities in place of sugar
3. Vegetable proteins such as beans versus meat
4. 2 glasses of room temperature water on an empty stomach before brushing teeth.
5. Unheated Meals
6. Anti cancer juice: aloe vera + ginger + parsley + celery + promaline (middle of the pineapple) mix & drink on an empty stomach.
7. Other anti-cancer juice: corossol (seedless) + promaline.
8. Eat the raw or cooked carrot or juice each day.

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