Shuddhi: De-Stress & De-Tox Yourself

As it is rightly said, “With great Power & Position comes great responsibilities”; It’s also true that greater responsibilities causes greater stress too.

This stress can be at physical, intellectual or emotional level. And this can cause ill effects on our health. Also due to the busy lifestyles at our positions we tend to ignore the tiny signals our body gives and get aware only we face some ailment or disease.

At Yogmantra we intend to help you cope up with the stress and having practical tools and tricks to stay healthy-physically, emotionally and mentally.

We have summarized our 3 day special course for you as follows:
1. Morning 1)Introduction to Health,Causes of common ailments & Diseases. 2)Knowing How Yoga is different,practical& scientific. 3)Learning first 4 main Pranayamas-technique,sankalpa,time,benefits & science
Afternoon 1 Knowing about Yoga philosophy as a way of life-How to apply practically.
Afternoon 2 Activity
Evening Yogasana set 1 & 2
2. Morning 1)Learning Surya Namaskar-Technique,Breathing flow,Benefits. 2)Learning next 4 main Pranayamas- technique,sankalpa,time,benefits&science
Afternoon 1)Meditation,Ashta chakras-Energy centres in body. 2)Acupressure & Hastamudras for day to day use
Afternoon 2 Activity
Evening Yogasana set 3 & Shavasana
3. Morning 1)Practicing Suryanamskara, & All 8 main Pranayamas.2)Learning 3 supportive Pranayamas-technique,sankalpa,time,benefits&science
Afternoon 1) Practical Adhyatma for a happier life 2) Basic diet understaning
Afternoon 2 Activity
Evening Yogasana set 4 & Shavasana

In the 3 day course, customized diet would be kept for the participants.

The course would start with knowing you and everyone would be given a personalized health guide after the course.

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