Seva Dhatri-Wellness For Nurses

Nurses are the heart of healthcare. Nursing is one of the toughest professions and requires a deep commitment to help needy people. However nurses need to take care of themselves too!!

As any other occupation, nursing profession has its induced health problems. Fatigue, Sore throat, Back problems , swollen ankles, knee pain, spondylitis, neck pain, sore feet, Anxiety, Blood pressure and diabetes to name a few.

We have summarized the above issues category wise and tried to provide solutions for the same:
Topic & issue Pravaah wellness module Key features
Work stress मोक्ष
  • Understanding cause of stress & ailments.
  • Ways to initiate positive relationships at work and personal life with the help of healthy communication.
  • Delinking personal life with professional life.
  • Internal & External conflict management.
  • Ways to keeps yourself energized, motivated & focused for up-gradation.
  • Create a balanced schedule by learning & implementing
      1. Suryanamaskar.
      2. Pranayama.
      3. Yogasana.
      4. Micro Exercises.
      5. Hasta Mudra.
      6. Ashta chakras(Energy centres)
      7. Acupressure
      8. Meditation.
      9. Easy Diet
Personal stress with Friends/Family/Peers ऐक्य
Lack of energy चैतन्य
Career Stagnancy उन्नती
Ailments and diseases संजीवनी
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