Sukshma Yoga (Top to Toe Micro Exercises)

July 24, 2017
July 24, 2017

Sukshma Yoga (Top to Toe Micro Exercises)

Sukshma Yoga is nothing but minor exercise from toes to head.

The joint movements are classified as:
  • Leg joints movements
  • Hand joints movements
  • Neck and Head movements

The corners of the house where the broom doesn’t reach or there is no movement are the ones that accumulate dirt, cobwebs etc.

Similarlythe joints, organs and systems f body where there is lack of internal or external movements starts accumulating toxins, stiffness giving rise to ailments and diseases.

Along with serving the above purpose, Sukshma Yoga has many benefits as mentioned below:

      1. Increases blood flow and improves blood circulation.
      2. Improves mood and boosts performance with alert mind.
      3. Tightens skin making it fresh and healthy.
      4. Improves ‘good’ cholesterol levels.
      5. Increases flow of oxygen and blood in muscles thus loosening them and making them stronger & flexible.
      6. Helps reduce fatigue.
      7. Fights osteoporosis.
      8. Helps reduce arthritis and improves joint range of motion.
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