July 24, 2017


      1. Pranayam is a breathing exercise.

      In Vedas, ‘Shwasa’ or breathing , is termed as Prana. When you are breathing , there is Prana in your body and you are alive. When the breathing stops, there is no prana in your body and you are ‘Nishprana’ or dead. Atharava Veda defines ‘Prana’ as

      ॐ प्राणाय नमो यस्य सर्वमिदं वशे। यो भूतः सर्वस्य ईश्वरो यस्मिन् सर्वं प्रतिष्ठितम् ॥
      All things on earth are won over by the Prana. Hence I (we humans ) pray the Prana.
      2. The great Sage Patanjali who is considered the highest authority in Yog Shashtra (Science of Yoga) says तस्मिन् सति श्वासप्रश्वास्योर्गतिविच्छेदः प्राणायाम: So basically Pranayam is controlling the volume, duration and speed of your breathing.
      3. “Pranavayu” or oxygen which we breath in helps us produce “Shakti” energy in the body.
      4. Every cell in the body is revitalized by adopting Pranayam techniques. Hence it’s a term of micro level treatment.
      5. Pranayam benefits you with enhanced physical, mental & spiritual power.
      6. Pranayam rewards you with total health and boosted immunity power.
      7. Pranayam works on building, repairing, strengthening and maintaining all body systems.

There are eight Mukhya (main) Pranayam coupled with three Sahayyak(supportive)

Main pranayama:
      1. Bhastrika- Technique, Snakalpa, Duration, Benefits, Diagram
      2. Kapalbhati
      3. Bahya Pranayam
      4. Ujjayi
      5. Anulom Vilom
      6. Bhramari
      7. Udgeeth
      8. Pranav Dhyan
Supportive Pranayama
      1. Sheetali
      2. Sheetkari
      3. Karna Pidantak
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