Ashta Chakra

July 24, 2017
Hasta Mudra
July 24, 2017

Ashta Chakra

 अष्ट चक्रा नव द्वारा देवानां पुरयोध्या।
तस्यां हिरण्यः कोश स्वर्गो ज्योतिषावृताः।।

Our body is basically a representation of Lord Shri Rama’s Ayodhya.A place full of happiness, prosperity and health.

This body is characterized by eight chakras i.e. energy centers and nine openings for intake of sense and outlets of wastes.

A Yogsadhak by focusing on and developing these energy centers can win over the limitations and ailments of body to gain ultimate physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • The chakras in our body are centers of Prana,Life force or vital energy.
  • Concentrating on systems increases efficiency and reduces ailments.

    • These eight energy centers represents eleven modern biological systems in the body summarized as below:
      Name Position Affiliated System
      Mooladhara chakra-Pelvic Plexus Above anus and below urinary pore Reproduction
      Swadhishthan chakra- Hypo Gastric plexus Above mooladhar chakra, behind navel Excretory
      Manipur chakra- Epi Gastric plexus Root of navel Digestive
      Hriday/Manas chakra- Lower Mind Plexus Near physical heart Skeletal
      Anahat chakra- Cardiac Plexus Between 2 breasts Circulatory
      Vishuddhi chakra- Carotid Plexus In throat Respiratory
      Adnya chakra- Medullary Plexus Between 2 eyebrows Nervous
      Sahastrar chakra- Solar Plexus Mid of brain Endocrine system
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