Dronacharya – Wellness For Teachers

  • The mediocre teacher tells.
  • The good teacher explains.
  • The superior teacher demonstrates.
  • The great teacher inspires!!!

It is up to us teachers to choose which category we want to be in. Whatever it is the fact remains that teachers are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth!!!!

Hence it is extremely critical for teachers to be healthy and happy and in harmony with themselves!!

Commonly found issues in teachers as per the latest health survey are:

  • Lethargy, depression, exhaustion, and headaches.
  • High-blood pressure.
  • Teachers often lose their voice or easily get throat related problems.
  • Bad backs, swollen ankles, knee pain, spondylitis, neck pain etc.
  • Anxiety disorders particularly in male teachers
  • Bronchitis, Dermatitis and varicose veins are common in female teachers.
  • Increased weight, thyroid is common in female teachers.

We have summarized the above issues category wise and designed solutions for the same:
Topic & issue Pravaah wellness module Key features
Work stress मोक्ष
  • Understanding cause of stress & ailments.
  • Ways to initiate positive relationships at work and personal life with the help of healthy communication.
  • Delinking personal life with professional life.
  • Internal & External conflict management.
  • Ways to keeps yourself energized, motivated & focused for up-gradation.
  • Create a balanced schedule by learning & implementing
      1. Suryanamaskar.
      2. Pranayama.
      3. Yogasana.
      4. Micro Exercises.
      5. Hasta Mudra.
      6. Ashta chakras(Energy centres)
      7. Acupressure
      8. Meditation.
      9. Easy Diet
Personal stress with Friends/Family/Peers ऐक्य
Lack of energy चैतन्य
Career Stagnancy उन्नती
Ailments and diseases संजीवनी