About Us

Our Founder:  Sahna Vaidya

Holistic healing has been a part of the Vaidya Family for decades. She was born into the wellness regime which was inculcated into my roots from the age of 6. It was a 'natural calling' for her to have entered holistic healing & once she realised that, she got into learning Yoga, reading books on Ayurveda, Diet, Nutrition etc.

Her Father is a retd. Banker and mother a house wife, they both hold degrees in agriculture and are national certified Yoga teachers from 2006. They believe, preach & follow organic living for complete health for decades.

Her late grandfather Mr. Vasantrao Vaidya was a very renown Ayurvedic doctor of his times, and served the society for more than 60 years. But what fascinated people more about him was he was a Sanskrit Pandit and had read vedic scriptures, Saint literature & philosophies. He wrote books, and conducted distance classes through letters on Indian philosophy and hence her entire childhood was surrounded my wonderful stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwad Purana, Vedas, Upanishadas, Ayurveda. He sowed the seeds of studying philosophy more scientifically through his talks and teachings of Bhagwad Gita.

A computer engineer by education, Sahna Vaidya as hobby & liking during college days studied Ayurveda & philosophy as subject of interest and got into a chance meeting with the District superintendent of Police who asked her to conduct yoga for the district police forces. That’s how her journey into yoga started in June 2008 as a teacher. The chain went on with Wellness Workshops

with the rural co-operative societies in and around Western Maharashtra, then with the District Police Forces [at Sangli, Pune, Mumbai, Khandala, Jalna, Solapur], 158 Local Schools in the Kolhapur vicinity, Educational Institutions in the Mumbai Pune belt making it a total tally of more than 650 workshops ranging from an hour to 40 hours spread over 1 to 7 days by 2012.

With Philosophy as her subject of liking and Bhagwad Gita as my favourite text she got into conducting lectures too.

Her philosophy of Wellness:

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy & fulfilling life.

It is not just absence of illness, but a healthy mind, body & soul.

Complete physical, mental & emotional wellness depends on the flow of incidents, emotions, thoughts & actions of a human being. To gain holistic wellness, one need to apply comprehensive measures that direct our flow towards desired wellness.

In today’s jet age life where life-style management becomes utmost necessary for wellness, the practical issues people face is lack of time.

To cater to this issue, Pravaah wellness has designed unique programs & prescriptions for their clients which are very easy & practical to follow. The prescribed exercises and regimes can be easily broken into pieces & squeezed into convenient spaces of the day! A modern approach assimilating the age old time-tested science of Yog-Ayurved.

We aim at busting the myths of people about Yog-Ayurved as a therapy & way of life! We get to hear about yoga through various discussions all the time. What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Yoga’? Some twists, some stretches, some postures, some breathing patterns!

But No, Yog is not just that. It’s a way of life which is extremely relevant from the first thing you think/do/consume in the morning to the last thing you think/do/consume in the night before bed.

Similarly, Ayurveda is not just bitter syrups and tablets, its aa comprehensive science that prescribes “right” eating taking into consideration body type, health history, family inheritance and weather too!

So the aim at Pravaah is to give practical solutions to people and convince them for “go local & organic” for best of their health.

Who are we?

We are a health and wellness firm who believe that Complete wellness needs a comprehensive approach. At PRAVAAH, we work towards giving easy, customised & practical solutions to 'each life' that we interact with & bring about changes in the way they 'eat, breathe & live’.

What we offer?

We offer tailor made programs for each individual or group of individuals. The programs focus on the fact that “one shoe doesn’t fit all” and hence according to the age, gender, profession, lifestyle etc we have drafted different programs for different people.

Advisory board

He is a retired banker with an experience of over 3 decades. Being an agriculture graduate, organic farming has been his favourite subject of interest. After retiring from the bank he has dedicated his time in teaching Yoga & Ayurved to society and holds a national certificate for the same. Very fondly known in the society for his yoga workshops and classes. He is a scholar in yoga & allied subjects and conducts lecture on Indian philosophy, Ashtanga Yoga and Mythology.

With 2 decades of experience in the Indian Debt Capital Markets & Loan Syndication landscape, in setting up product teams & efficiently managing them to maximise revenue. Turned entrepreneur in July'15 & started up the Vermillion Group.

Having invested into LoanXpress.com that caters to syndicating of Loans/Working Capital /Project Finance for Indian mid & small caps, He also founded Beacon Trusteeship, Cozydorms.com, Coloany P2P while investing in a couple more through the Angel Networks. Focused on growing each one of these ventures to fruition by investing into the right people, new teams, tech, platforms along with the much-needed passion along with help from industry luminaries on board each of these ventures.

Besides this background of Finance, a very well-read person in the field of health, wellness and spirituality. He very keenly keeps a track of new advancements in the process of natural healing and organic lifestyle.

A Nature lover who finds solace with trees, plants, flowers and birds. Gardening that started as a hobby has now become a passion where-in she fondly grows varieties of medicinal herbs. Holds a national certificate for Yoga and her expertise lies with Indian food for health. She is popularly known for her Garbha sanskar courses (pre-natal yoga) and Sanskar camps (value education & yoga) for kids.

A financial planner by profession, Vishal Sabnis deals with the financial health of individuals! He provides people with consultancy to plan thier finances, exprenses and financial goals in life. Being a cricket freak and known fondly in his circle for his sheer pace and nicknamed "The Wall" for his batting abilities, he owes his fitness to the Age old akhada style Indian exercises he has been doing since childhood. Currently is a Yoga & Pranayama trainer with Pravaah Wellness out of his vision for health and fitness. Being a financial doctor, his vision is to nullify the exorbitant drain of finances in paying of medical bills and hospitals. A society of healthy people is as good as an economic asset for any country and an important factor in the progress of country.