Being happy never goes out of style, so make a bold style statement from today!

Dikhave pe mat Jao, Apni Akal ladhao.” Go back to your roots, our kitchen is the biggest doctor for health. Eat mindfully, eat food as food and relish it merrily- that’s how you eat right for best of both worlds.
April 26, 2018
Action focused on intent is better than action focused on outcome-Quotes Lord Krishna!
May 6, 2018

The best way to stay happy is following your heart and natural instincts which makes life less complicated! Though this fact stays, we cannot deny that we need some reference rules to stay happy and bring more abundance in our lives.


Bringing to you a set of 20 rules which would definitely make you ponder and if followed a happier person than before.


1.Honestly assess yourself:

Assess your qualities and short comings for a better understanding about yourself. Take regular pauses from your schedule to look within and introspect. This habit helps you with clarity about where to focus and what to work upon.

2.Determine your priorities:

Decide for yourself what is valuable to you regardless of how much time you have spent on it historically.  Rank your activities and financial commitments. Make conscious choices about which you will prioritize.  Your time is your most precious resource, use it optimally.

3.Do What You Love as a hobby or Make your passion your profession:
If your passion is teaching, singing, some sport or art activity, be sure you make time to do it. Soon you would realize that when you’re doing what you love, you’re filled with joy and peace.

Doing what you love as a profession makes your life full of positive goals and a wonderful journey while achieving them. Your frequencies automatically align in order to feel more peace and less stress.

5.Have a bigger vision:

Having a bigger vision which focuses beyond own-self gives tremendous positivity and contentment. This in turn increases your efficiency and confidence.

6.Help Others:
When we volunteer or help others, it feels good to just be of service to someone else. The impact we make feels fulfilling and is a big potential source for our own happiness.

7.Be Grateful:
Gratitude is the best and easiest source of abundance they say. When you think of all the things that you have to be grateful for, you realize how blessed you already are. When we don’t realise it, we take our basic necessities for granted, for e.g., a roof over your head and plenty of food to eat. By appreciating the things that you already have, you’ll begin to feel happier in your life which is a prime factor in reducing stress.

8.Smile More:
Smiling more affects you internally positively, as well as those around you. Smiling can make you happier — even if you have to force it, you’ll still feel better. Slowly, it becomes a part of your habit.


It is an established fact that Exercise reduces stress and releases endorphins, also known as a “runner’s high.” Apart from running, jogging, cycling or gymming you should focus on exercses like yoga (pranayama-asanas) which build your inner strength, vigour, and keeps your body fit externally and internally too.

10.Manage Stress wisely:
In today’s world 80% of health disorders are stress induced. Stress robs you of your happiness. Situations around us are more or less going to be same, manging your stress helps you grow bigger than your problems helping you in achieving your goals. Meditation can help you to manage stress better and feel great.

11.Eat Healthy:
When you eat right, you feel better both physically and mentally. You are what and how you eat hence one should eat right and eat merrily. Instead of falling prey to trends and fads of diet, focus on good and healthy food which is comprehensive for our bodily needs.

12.Take a Walk in Nature:
Spending time out in nature is very refreshing and renewing, especially when you’re living in an artificial, manmade world. Taking a walk in your local park and getting some fresh air can allow you to appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Many times such walks or gazes help you introspect better leading to enlightenment.

13.Read books:

A habit of regular reading makes you more enriched and nourished. It widens your horizons of mind and soul. Reading definitely open the gates of which enhances your understanding of the world better and achieving solace.

14.Spend time with your loved ones:
We are social beings, even if you’re an introvert. People love spending time with their friends and family for good conversations, bonding, and some laughs. Also, it helps relieve stress by adding a better perspective of our situations. This quality time increases your happy hormones which helps you achieve your goals and visions in life.

15.Stop Negative Thinking:
We all know how negative thoughts affect us in all fields of life. Become more aware of negative thinking and consciously try replacing them with some positive ones. Spend less time with negative people and more time with positive people.

16.Forgive and Forget:

Holding a grudge will harm you more than the person you’re holding it against. It is like holding a piece of coal in your hand to throw at someone, without realizing that your palms are burnt too in the process. Focus instead on a bright future and you’ll feel better for it.

17.Plan smaller benchmarks towards your goal:

Make a map plan for your vision and plan small steps towards it and follow the philosophy of ‘live one day at a time’. Taking one thing to handle at a time helps you take care of issues better and reducing your stress to a large extent.

18.Focus more on your efforts and not your results:

Staying focused on your efforts than the results makes you less anxious and hence more focused for better performance. This ultimately leads to desired results because our mind then follows a positive flow chart.

19.Compete and compare only with yourself and not others:

Understand the fact that every person is a unique individual and that everyone has their own pros & cons. Everybody lives and grows in their own time zones, so competing with your own-self with a view of getting and performing day-by-day better is the way to lead a more fulfilling life.

  1. Don’t look for happiness outside, create it inside you:

The real happiness “Swananda” is within you and only you can unlock it by focusing on self. Make your happiness free from all dependencies on external set of situations and people. Our life would be definitely a much better place to live!

I wish you all the happiness, Love, Light and peace. For more practical tips, get in touch with me on

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