My Beloved Lord Krishna: The man ‘with and behind’ every strong woman.

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March 7, 2018
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March 12, 2018

In my view, Lord Krishna is the perfect example of the man to have in any woman’s life in any which role.

For his birth, He chose to be the child of Devaki (not any male relative of Kamsa) to put an end to Kamsa and his adharma.

He preferred to be fondly known as son of Yashoda and not Nanda, his foster father.

Even during killing of Putana the Rakshasi, he granted her the privilege of feeding Him milk as a child. He sucked the poison out through the milk, thus freeing Putana from her birth as a devil.

Remember the young days of Lord Krishna when he was the darling of Vrindavan, he was so close and friends with Gopikas who came and danced in joy with Krishna. He wanted to establish the fact to the world that it was not necessary to follow staunch rituals, austere life or strict meditation to get closer to the God. Those Gopikas, who were simple household women, were loved by him as closest friends irrespective of their caste or social status just for the fact that they devotedly loved him.

Lord Krishna’s name is not complete without the name of Radha, rather we say Radhe-Krishna putting her name before him while in worship. His relationship to her was devoid of any physical relationship and yet was complete with the emotion of Love-the platonic Love. A relationship full of spiritual bonding and pure expectation less Love.

His marriage to Rukmani took place because she had set his heart upon him and was being married away to Shishupala by her brother Rukmhi by force. He eloped with her and kept her word of not killing her brother or harming the civilians by avoiding any kind of war!

When His sister Subadhra told Him of her desire to marry Arjuna and not Duryodhana as arranged by Balrama, He encouraged Arjuna and Subadhra to elope in his own chariot. He told Subadhra to ride the chariot so that she being a woman no one will attack them for war.

What about the 16,000 wives that He is said to have had? They were the women rescued by Him from the captivity of Narakasuraa. It was the only way He could have given them a dignified life, free of taunts and worries of dependence on their earlier families.

Kunti, who was Sri Krishna’s aunt and mother of Pandavas, had a child before marriage- Karna. Despite having committed one of the biggest blunders of their life, He had the greatest respect for Kunti and genuine love for her sons.

Before the war of Mahabharata, When He went to meet Dhritharashtra with the proposal for peace, He accepted the hospitality of Vidura and his wife Sulabha. Sulabha was a low caste Suta woman. He turned down the royal hospitality of Dhritharashtra and Duryodhana to Respect Sulabha’s wish who was his devotee and a pious woman.

Elder daughter of King Drupad and Draupadi’s sister Shikhandi, another female character in the Mahabharata, is given opportunity to be responsible for Bhishma’s death to avenge some fued of her previous birth.

Talking about Draupadi, he had one of the most unique relations with her. He called Her ‘Sakhi’ – friend. He was her friend, guide, philosopher, confidante and the strongest support system. He upheld her honor during the disrobing in the open court, or in the incident where Sage Durvasa had to be fed after the Pandavas and she had finished their meal.

The relationship that Lord Krishna shared with these women showed his respect and love for the strength of the women who were or are still considered as the weaker sex. Instead of making fun of them for their weaknesses or blaming them for the situations like everyone else did as in case of Draupadi being considered responsible for Mahabharata war.

To end this Women’s day week, I pay my respects to Lord Krishna for having set an example for the ages to come.

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