Quality with dedication matters above quantity-Lord Krishna’s teachings.

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March 1, 2018
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March 5, 2018

Arjuna the 3rd Pandava and Lord Krishna’s dearest friend was a great devotee of God and happily worshipped all Gods every day. It is said that if One pleases Lord Shiva, all other Gods too are pleased without any direct form of worship towards them. Moreover, Lord Shiva being Arjuna’s favourite, he used to worship him specially.
Daily Arjuna used to collect hundreds of flowers and offer them to Lord Shiva, one by one. Each time while offering the flowers he used to utter the name of Lord Shiva. But slowly pride entered Arjuna’s mind about his devotion to Lord Shiva and the efforts he took in worshipping him.

One day while having lunch, he mocked his elder brother Bhima-the 2nd Pandava. He made fun of Bhima for the way he worshipped Lord Shiva.

What Bhima did was very simple. Before each meal, He would put his fingers on his forehead and concentrate for a couple of minutes, keep one flower he brought from woods near his plate. Then he would eat voraciously to his heart’s and body’s content. As we know, Bhima was the in strongest in the family and was a great fighter.

Lord Krishna who happened to be present during this lunch, noticed Arjuna’s pride.

After the lunch, Lord Krishna said to Arjuna, “Come, let us go for a walk.”

As they were walking, they saw a man drawing a cart. The cart was loaded with flowers. All kinds of flowers.

Arjuna said to the man, “What are you doing with these flowers?
And where are you going?”

The man had no time to respond to Arjuna. Sri Krishna
insisted Arjuna that they follow him.

When the man reached his destination, there were many more carts of flowers.
“What are you going to do with all these thousands and millions of flowers?” Arjuna inquired.

The man replied, “I am now in serious concentration. I can speak only to one person in this town, and that is Bhima. He I heard is the greatest spiritual seeker. When he meditates before his meals just for a minute or two, thousands of flowers get offered to Lord Shiva. His concentration is most intense. His meditation is most sincere.

Poor Arjuna went back with Lord Krishna with a heavy heart and said, “How Bhima’s to minute worship is stronger than mine of 2 hours especially when I take so much of efforts?”

Lord Krishna smilingly said to Arjuna, “I wanted you to know that it is not the number of hours or number of flowers, but it is the power of concentration and the power of dedication
that counts.” God seeks the Bhava (emotion & intention) and Bhakti (devotion) in your actions of Worship and not the ritual and time.”

Arjuna was enlightened with the lesson and am sure we too are.

Be it God, work or our relations it is our quality & dedication that matters than the quantity for the right results and appraisals!

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