This Holi, let us decorate our fabric of life with beautiful colours of emotions, forgiveness and gratitude.

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Holi, The festival celebrated by Hindus every year is observed on the day of Purnima, the full moon, in the month of Falgun (last week of February or first week of march) over two consecutive days — the first day known as Chhoti Holi or Holika Dahan and the second as Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi or Dhulivandan.


Holi is a symbol of the triumph of good over evil. It marks the onset of spring and is also celebrated to give thanks for a good harvest. The festival revolves around smearing colour on each other’s faces, splashing people with water by throwing water balloons at them and heartily indulging in sweet delicacies that are made this day.


In a society built on the principles of Vedic philosophy where gratitude lies at the base of festivals and rituals, Holi very aptly represents the spirit of gratitude.

Holi welcomes the spring season and is celebrated by offering prayers to gods for a good harvest. The word ‘Holi’ itself has a deep significance and it translates into the word “hola” which means prayers for good harvest.

In the evening preceding the colour festival, bonfires are lit where people gather, dance and sing. These symbolize the burning of Holika and the destruction of Evil. On this day, people gather around the bonfire, repair ruptured relationships, give away their grudges and forgive each other.

Holi according to me is one of the most secular festivals in India. People of all caste, class, or race come together and smear colours. After the colouring part, at evening, people dress themselves in good clothes and visits family and friends and have fun & frolic.

I feel the spirit of Holi propagates finding beauty in all colours of life. Be it our relations or situations, life comes to us in all colours. Sometimes happy and sometimes tough! Accepting all the colours in life, making peace with the odds and relishing the good would definitely more peace and contentment in human lives. It very much teaches us to choose the right colours of our emotions and reactions for a beautiful fabric of life.

This Holi let us celebrate with the right organic colours, the right environmental approach and right psychological approach. May the spring bring loads of happiness and success in your lives.

Love, Light and Peace!

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