The people and situations in your life are how you perceive them! Teachings of Lord Krishna!

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February 21, 2018
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In my course of work as stress management consultant I have always believed that, “We can tell a lot about person by what he chooses to see in others.”

There is a wonderful story establishing this fact upon us from the diaries of my ever favourite and enigmatic Lord Krishna!

Gandhari the Wife of Dhritarashtra and mother of Duryodhana once had an argument with Lord Krishna as why everyone thinks her son is cruel, evil and should change his way of leading life.

Lord Krishna called Duryodhana and told him to look for one truly good person from nearby by sunset and bring to him as he wanted a good company for his next travel!

Duryodhana as instructed by Lord Krishna began his search in nearby places. He came across different kinds of people and spoke to them about many things. In the evening by sunset, Duryodhana returned to Lord Krishna and said, “Krishna, God save us! I have looked the whole neighbourhood over for one truly good soul and could not find even One! Each one I met was selfish, cruel and evil-minded. A truly good person could not be found anywhere!”

Lord Krishna looked at Gandhari and just smiled and said now watch something for tomorrow.

Next day morning he sat with Gandhari again and called for Yudhishthira-the son of Pandu and Kunti. Lord Krishna asked Yudhishthira to find a good soul person by sunset and bring to him as he wanted a good company to travel with.

Happily, Yudhishthira left for his search as instructed by Lord. He met different kinds of people and discussed things with them. He decided to take the best man for his Lord and hence meet as many men as possible and then take a decision by sunset.

At Sunset Yudhishthira came to Lord Krishna and said, “My Lord, I have not brought back the one truly good person you wished to see. I found all of them were good. I noticed that people make mistakes, they act as if they are blind, but could not find a truly evil person. The people are all good in their hearts!”

Lord Krishna sent him back. Now he turned to Gandhari and said, “Look, You see the difference? It is all in your eyes and mind how you perceive people. It very much defines the kind of experiences one gets in life with people and serves as the basis of presence or absence of stress in his life.”

Let us too change our outlook towards looking at people and situations for a better world and a stress-free life.

Love, Light and Peace to all.

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