#Pravaahspeaks, in this big bad world, know your opponents-situations well and use your weapons right. Who taught us this best? Lord Krishna!

My perspectives of Sage Patanjali’s Yogsutras, article 4: Mind’s nature, states and fluctuations.
December 20, 2017
Pravaahspeaks, “We all win, or no one does!”
January 13, 2018

In Bhagwad Gita, Dear Lord Krishna Promised:

परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृतं ।

धर्म संस्थापनार्थाय संभवामि युगे युगे ।।

Meaning, “For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked and for the establishment of dharma, I am born age after age”

Lord Krishna is a demon slayer in true terms. Right from the moment he was born, till his incarnation on Earth came to an end, he has killed innumerable demons in his lifetime like Putana, Sakatasura, Trinavarta, Vatsasura, Bakasura, Aghasura, Dhenukasura, Kaliya, Pralambasura, Sankhacuda, Aristasura, Kesi, Vyomasura, Kamsa, Kalyavana and so on.

But what makes this enigmatic personality more wonderful is the lessons he taught while killing demons and the fact that he taught us to kill the demons within Us before we start killing demons in the world outside.

A very interesting story of Lord Krishna, Arjuna and Subhadra which invigorates my senses to dive deeper into Lord’s strategies and ways to shape destinies plan.


It so happened that Krishna’s younger sister Subhadra who was an apple of his eye, had once come to visit Hastinapur-the kingdom of Kaurava and Pandava brother. When the day arrived for Subhadra to return to Dwaraka-Krishna’s abode, Arjuna was entrusted the responsibility to drop her back home safe.


While on their way back, they were attacked by a demon called Kalyavana who was searching for Krishna to kill him and decided to attack Subhadra so as to trap Krishna! He pushed Subhadra into Yamuna river and Arjuna jumped to save her. To their surprise and as expected by Kalyavana, Lord Krishna appeared to save his darling little sister and his favourite cousin Arjuna.


After saving them from the huge waves and depths of River Yamuna, Lord Krishna got communicating with both. Kalyavana decided to make the most of this opportunity to kill Krishna and prepared to attack. The true warrior that he was, Arjuna not only defended Kalyavana’s attacks but also proactively attacked the demon by his bows but all in vain. Lord Krishna with his usual mischievous smile told Arjuna, that’s not the way demon was supposed to die and started walking alone towards the forest. Kalyavana followed Krishna and started calling him coward for running away, to which Krishna just smiled and kept teasing him to follow.


Krishna entered a cave and Kalyavana followed. On entering cave, Kalyavana saw a human figure covered by Krishna’s shawl. He concluded it to be Krishna and kicked the figure. The moment the figure moved, the shawl fell off and came out a Yogi, who was doing his penance with closed eyes. As soon he opened his eyes and set them on Kalyavana, the demon is burnt and turned into ashes.


The Yogi was surprised to see what had just happened and by then Krishna came from the background to convey regards to the Yogi. The Yogi asked Lord, who was this poor soul who got burnt by his Yogagni just for no apparent reason? Lord smiled and replied, nothing happens without reason and that the demon was destined to be killed by some Yogi’s Yogagni.  Further he explained to the Yogi that because the Yogi had sat for 1000 years in penance without opening his eyes, he had accumulated a lot of yogic energies in his body and eyes, and hence the moment he opened his eyes, his eyes transmitted fire-the Yogagni which killed the demon.

Apologizing the Yogi for the disturbance caused and wishing him well for further penance, Lord Krishna walked out of the cave just to be confronted by scared Subhadra and stunned Arjuna. On being asked, how he made this happen Krishna just said that he connected the dots between destiny’s plan and created an event to make the subject, object and the weapon to come together for a desired result. The subject being Kalyavana’s death, the Object being Kalyavana himself and weapon being the yogi’s yogagni!

The devotee in me, the bhakta, wants to embrace and celebrate Krishna’s wonders. The skeptic in me, the jnani, tries to dive deeper. What I perceive from the story is what led to death of the demon and what led to winning of Krishna all again!

The demon Kalyavana considered his opponent Krishna to be weak, his senses were taken over by pride and he hurried up to conclude that the human figure hiding under Krishna’s shawl is Krishna himself. He failed to realize the fact that Krishna had killed so many demons by then by his strategies, wits and power.

On the other hand, Krishna had his due diligence at disposal and hence knew what is destined for the demon and the boons-curses he had which would help to kill him. He knew the topography of the region well and hence could locate the cave where Yogi sat. Moreover, he was well versed with the happenings around him and hence knew about the Yogi doing penance and his power of Yogagni.

Such is the beauty of Lord Krishna’s Leelas, mesmerizing and enlightening at the same time.

I wish you folks a very happy, peaceful and victorious adventures in your Lives for years to come!

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