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November 10, 2017
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November 22, 2017

The second chapter of The Bhagavad Gita deals with what is known as Sankhya Yoga, which is the yoga of understanding – an understanding which was not adequately present in the mind of Arjuna at the time when he was very much confused as to the duty to which he was obliged under the circumstance in which he was placed.

One cannot know what one is supposed do unless one’s purpose in this world is known to self.

Our duty, attitude and functions are all determined by the location of our personality in given atmosphere. Thus, the concept of duty may be regarded as something relative, and not absolute.

We cannot prescribe one particular function as the duty of a person forever and ever till eternity. Our duty in this world, what the world expects from us, is dependent upon what we are, what we know and what we are capable of.

There are levels of understanding. From the level in which the understanding operates, there seems to be a gradual relationship between the individual and his environment.

The word ‘environment’ means what is around you and other things around you whose existence may not be known to you. People limit the concept of this environment to sociological or social conditions in life mostly, though the environment in which we are living is not necessarily restricted to human society. We are living in human society no doubt, but we are living also in a larger atmosphere than can be covered or even conceived by human society.

One of the problems that arose in the mind of Arjuna was the limiting of his notions to his social relations, which means to say, the relations with other people. Mostly, perhaps always, we are likely to think only in terms of other people in this world, which is called ‘sociological thinking’. It appears from this limited view of thinking that the world consists of nothing but human beings.

This perception which troubled the mind of Arjuna, troubles the mind of everybody, even today.

There is a defect which infects human nature and infects every species -it cannot think in terms of any other species of existence. We humans are also not worried about what happened in jungles, or in areas where humanity does not reside. Similarly we have conditioned our minds in a way that it is limited to perceive things beyond the realm of human existence.

We must be considerate enough to accept that the world contains more things than man. This was the point made out by Bhagavan Sri Krishna when he said, “Arjuna, you lack sankhya – right understanding.”

Lord Krishna propagated the fact to Arjuna that, the process of human history is not the coming and going of kings and queens, or the wars that are waged, the births and deaths of people – this is not human history, it is just human evolution.

Likewise, from the point of view of an astronomer and a physicist, or even a scientist of any nature, political thinking is not to the point, because the world is guided by forces which are not necessarily political or sociological.

Lord Krishna through Sankhya yoga attempts to develop complete understanding of the infinite form of existence of the world, and how only by understanding the real nature of Prakriti, buddhi & gunas will lead to Arjuna performing his set of duties in the environment.

While diving into this vast ocean of Bhagvad Gita, Sankhya Yoga delivers us the basic but most important pearls of wisdom to understand human life, purpose of human life and things beyond our realm.

Get, Set & Go on this voyage of enlightenment.

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  1. sahana says:

    ॐ Sahana, Very nice article. You have made asuccessful attempt to simplify the difficult subject of Sankhyayog. One can understand it well but may have difficulty in explaining it.You have crossed the barrier elegantly. You have rightly put in words the teaching of Bhagwan Shri Krishna about ‘Vyashti and Samashti’. Congrats!!

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