#Pravaahspeaks, Yoga Practice: Do’s and Don’ts

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October 28, 2017
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October 31, 2017



1)Best time to practice yoga is early in the morning, after taking bath and without eating anything. But if early morning not possible then do it in evening on empty stomach (atleast 4 hours after meals)

2)You can even perform yoga before bath, but after practice you must wait for some time and then take bath.

3)Keep the doors, windows open for fresh air and light while performing yoga.

4)Always practice yoga by spreading a blanket or carpet on a leveled floor.

5)While practicing yoga, you must concentrate only on yoga and try to keep away from unwanted thoughts.


1)Women should not practice yoga during their menstrual period or pregnancy or any such other case.

2)Never practice yoga in smoky places or in areas with foul smell.

3)Children below 6 years of age should not be forced to practice yoga.

4)During illness, after surgeries, fractures, sprains, one should refrain from doing yoga. Resume practicing yoga only after consulting a physician.

5)Do not suppress yourself from reflexes like sneezing, coughing, farting etc. while practicing yoga.

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