This Diwali, let’s have the right kind of Sweets & Namkeens to get more healthy!

This Diwali light the lamp of gratitude within your heart, mind and surroundings.
October 16, 2017
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October 18, 2017

Be it a kid, a grown up or a senior citizen. Any class of society, there is no-one whose mouth doesn’t water at the sight of or mere name of Diwali snacks.

Be it the Besan laddoos or the spiral chaklis or the carved shankarpalis or the plates of chiwda, everything is just too yummy to say no!

But we’ve all moved away from our roots and forgotten the goodness of our very own Indian super foods.

The first thing we need to clarify is :

o   Not all sweets are harmful

o   Not all spicy foods harm us

o   Not every fried food is bad

Anything that is seasonal and eaten right can be good for our bodies.

Talking about Diwali food, let’s first understand the time of Diwali. It’s that time of the year, when the monsoon is retreating and gradually winter starts creeping in! The cool breeze starts making its way into our homes through the crevices of windows. Our skin goes dry, lips start to dry and an increase in our existing joint pain issues. And more-over isn’t this that time of the year when you actually start feeling hungrier than usual.

The first conclusions to be drawn is that we need more moisture for skin and more lubrication for the joints! And applying moisturizers all the time to skin and rheuma-care oils to joints only won’t help! We need a better approach, which not only cures but prevents issues in the very first place. The goodies made during the Indian Festivals just the right doses of foods we need, to take care of the changing seasons & their harmful effects on our bodies.

I would like to share some of the examples that will prove what I’m suggesting. There is an age-old tradition of abhyanga snaan i.e., oil massage followed by bath in early morning during Diwali. This takes care of the basic moisturization for the skin, lubrication of joints externally with the advantage being better blood circulation.

The majority chunk of moisture, lubrication of oils needed by the body is taken care by the food we eat. Sweets in ghee, deep fried food, chiwda with dry fruits are super foods for the season. As a result of increased metabolism in cool weather, it’s easy to digest this foods in this season as compared to other times, so there is least to worry about.

Talking about the nutritional values of these foods, they are highly compliant with our requirements for the season. Due care needs to be taken is we don’t over-do eating in the festive mood. Eat right and enjoy. We can increase the intake of fibers through salads and proteins through sprouts. Not to forget, we got to follow the exercise regime too.

Whoa! So you do not need to replace your diwali snacks with cupcakes, chocolates and cookies! They in turn are more processed and our snacks stand more nutritious & healthy as compared to these items. Our festivalfoods are in accordance to our taking into consideration our climatic conditions!

So this Diwali, eat well, sleep well, exercise well and enjoy the festivities by sharing the food, caring for everyone’s joys.

Feed the needy and keep your routines steady.

May God bless you all with a Wonderful fulfilling Diwali.

Love, Light & Peace!

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