This Diwali light the lamp of gratitude within your heart, mind and surroundings.

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October 11, 2017
This Diwali, let’s have the right kind of Sweets & Namkeens to get more healthy!
October 17, 2017


The Festival of Joy & the festival of light, the celebration of good winning over the evil.

Diwali the biggest festival of the Hindus, stands like a beacon of our philosophies behind celebration, i.e., the well-being of everyone & togetherness.

If we look closely, Diwali celebrations are all about expressing gratitude towards various factors in our surroundings and people in our lives. Gratitude is the key to fullness of life. It turns resistance into acceptance and dreams into reality. It transforms a house into a home and a group of people into a family. Such is the power of this simple “Attitude of Gratitude.” Gratitude is all about expressing gratefulness, being thankful to what we already have in life, while striving for what we need. It reduces the negativity in life which comes because of human resistance to situations, and boosts one morale once he realizes his blessings.

Let us have a look at the different days of Diwali.

❖ Go-Vatsa Dwadashi or Vasubaras: It is expressing gratitude towards cow, which feeds & nourishes humans with her milk. As we know all direct & derived products obtained from cow like milk, butter, ghee are healthy and have medicinal properties.

Even the Gomutra and Gomeya have medicinal properties & are used in ayurvedic medications, as organic fertilizers. India always being an agricultural economy, cows have always held a very important place in the lives of humans right from the ages since they were nomadic to today when we are advanced civilizations. Moreover, cows are known to be every compassionate and loving animals amongst pets.

❖ Dhana Trayodashi: It is the day when lord Dhanvantari-the God of health who is the father of Ayurveda is worshipped. This day propagates the message of “Arogyam Dhanasampada”- where there is health, wealth is abundant.

❖ Narak Chaturdashi: Its celebrated as aa symbol of Lord Krishna killing the demon Narakasura who had kidnapped & trapped 16,100 women in his palace! This celebration marks the victory of good over the evils of character which is symbolized by Narakasura. Also, this day the family members together clean the house comprehensively and burn the lamps in evening, thus removing dirt, germs, illness & darkness in surroundings. Similarly, this marks the removal of Shadripus-the 6 enemies of human lives namely Kaam (Lust), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed), Moha (Attachment), Mada (Arrogance) & Matsar(Jealousy) and lighting the lamp or content, peace & togetherness.

❖ Laxmi Pujan: This is the day or worshipping Goddess Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth & prosperity. This day marks the joy of the having earnt the fortunes through hard work & dedication and telling ourselves to do more in the year to come. Some modern households also celebrate this day by gifting their Gruh Lakmsi-wife for her devoted contribution in household.

❖ Bali Pratipada or Diwali Padva: Thi day Lord Vishu incarnated as Batu Vaman to kill King Bali, who was an unjust ruler. This day marks the victory of learned politeness over arrogant ruler. Also, this day people buy new items for house.

❖ Bhaaubeej: A day marking the love in between Brother & Sister. As it said, sister is like a mother of a man and brother is like a father to the woman. A relationship based on love, bonding, sharing & caring is celebrated by sweets & Joy.

This Diwali, let us celebrate our blessings and strive for making all our dreams come true! Express your gratitude to God, family & surroundings.Distribute love, joy & respect with the Mithai!

Let the lamps of love, respect, success and happiness stay lighted forever in your lives.

Stay Awesome. Stay Blessed.

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