This Dusshera let us kill the Ravana within us!

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September 28, 2017
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October 3, 2017

Dusshera or Vijaya Dashami is celebrated across India as the day of Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana.

The traditions and rituals across the country are different but the underlying message and symbolism stays the same:  The victory of Good over the Evil.

As propagated by Hindu philosophy, every person has both Rama and Ravana in him. The seeds of Good or Evil are always there, what you water and nurture grows in you!

This Dusshera let us recognize the Ravana within us and kill him to celebrate. by Sage Patanjali in his scripture Yog darshan recognizes the evils within as “अविद्याऽस्मिता रागद्वेषभिनिवेशा: पंच क्लेशा:”

‘Pancha Kleshas’ or afflictions in humans are- Avidya (ignorance), Asmita (ego), Raag (cravings), Klesha(aversions) & Abhinivesh (clinging to life). The pancha klesha are also considered the five roots of all the problems of human existence and biggest hurdles in his progress.

Avidya is lack of skills & knowledge which lowers down a person’s self-confidence and can get him caught in issues like inferior complex. Not only lack of skills, but not upgrading self with new skills with changing times leads to stagnation. Avidya is considered as ‘mother klesha’ from which all others spring forth, and rightly so. The base from which all obstruction to positive growth arises is ignorance.

Asmita is easy term is the self-image we build about ourselves out of ego which makes us less flexible towards situations around. When we forget our true nature of soul we begin to overly identify with I, me, and mine. We take things too personally and have self-depreciating thoughts. This happens because we condition our minds according to the image we have in our minds.

Raag here means the cravings or strong attachment to our desires. With inflated egos we tend to develop strong attachments to our desires. Desires can be healthy, but the attachment to desires is what can cause us pain and suffering. This can make a person obsessed with perfectionism. Also, this develops a sense of continuous competition with others, peers and everyone around us in material terms. And when we fail to achieve this material aspirations we start sinking in negative depressed thoughts. This is known to be one of the biggest reasons for snatching of peace of mind.

Klesha which means aversions are result of raaga. We develop strong aversions when our desires are not fulfilled. They are two sides of the same coin, they rely on each other. We develop a sense of hatred towards our peers who have things we aspire for.  Big responsible factor for the disturbed fabric of relations and atmosphere around us be it at work place or home.

Abhinivesh is nothing but fear of existence.  Is a layer of fear that is added on top of an attraction or an aversion which are the third and fourth kleshas. This happens because; as soon as an attraction appears there will be fear of not getting it, or losing it once you have it, and when an aversion appears there will be fear of getting what you don’t want, or once it is there the fear arises that will not go away, that it will stay. Though deep down we know that change is the constant thing and nothing is permanent still we cling to our attachments/possessions causing more and more fear.

Following Ashtanga Yoga definitely helps in cleansing these impurities in humans. (Click here to read our article on Ashtanga Yoga).

This Dusshhera take a pledge to become Modern Yogis to get the best of life.

Wish You all people an Awesome Dusshera. May You all be Blessed!


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  1. Shweta Naik says:

    Nice article Sahana.. Good insight on Dussehra.

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