9 tips for a healthy refreshing sleep.

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September 25, 2017
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1)Have a light but complete dinner: Eat light in the night at-least 1 hour before going to bed, ideally 2 hours before sleeping.

2)Review your day: Review how you spent your day, check if you could make it better.

3)Plan your next day: Make a small to-do list & plan your next day.

4)Come out of the work zone: Do not strain your mind with work related

discussions at-least for 45 minutes before sleep. Avoid work related phone calls until its urgent.

5)Cut off from the technology: Keep laptops, mobiles away &put off the television  for at-least 30 minutes before sleeping.

6)Calm down your senses: Meditate or Follow practices like Yog Nidra/ Deep body relaxation before going to bed.

7)Say Omkar: Saying Omkar 7 to 11 times before going to bed increases positive vibrations in brains, de-stresses the mind & increases blood circulation in brain. It also helps one to have undisturbed sleep.

7)Develop a good sleep hygiene: Make the room noise free, use clean & fresh sheets on bed, wear comfortable skin friendly clothes for sleeping.

8)Attitude of Gratitude: Pray to God & Thank him for the day. Thank everyone around you for the things they did.

9)Sleep enough: Sleep early so that you get minimum 6-7 hours of sleep in the night.

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