You are what you think!

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September 16, 2017
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September 25, 2017

यद् भाव्यं तद् भवति।

“You become what You think”

As per Vedas, whatever you think is what you speak, which then goes into yourself and its effect is also on yourself.

Thought is like a magnetic force. Thoughts are basically the inputs waiting in queue to manifest into reality.

This makes it obvious that our personal wellness is very much dependent on our thoughts.

If our thoughts are positive and good, then we attract good things towards us making us more happy, satisfied and successful in life.

On the contrary negative thoughts affect our wellness to a great extent.

Physically, negative thoughts have following effects on your body:

·      Muscle tension & pain

·      Head aches

·      Fatigue

·      Sleep & Insomnia problems

·      Lower immunity

·      Reduction in sex drive & libido

·      Digestive problems

·      Hormonal imbalance due to increased stress

Emotionally, negative thoughts have following effects:

·      Frequent Mood fluctuations.

·      Anxiety

·      Restlessness

·      Lack of focus & concentration

·      Irritability

·      Lack of motivation

·      Sadness

Sage Patanajali who is an authority in Yoga & Psychology says,

वितर्क बधने प्रतिपक्श भवनम्|

When negative thoughts present themselves, cultivate & think the opposite thoughts with feelings.

Let’s have a look on what positive thoughts do to our body.

·      Boost immunity

·      Increase resilience

·      Increase pain tolerating capacity

·      Invigorate happy hormones

·      Increase focus, concentration

·      Increase motivation for work

·      Prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, hyper tension, heart problems etc.

Over all positive people have an inherent capacity of dealing their problems better and lead a happier & fulfilling life. These people develop positive habits faster and have an elevated self-esteem.

People with positive thoughts have better relationship building tendencies and are able to maintain their personal and professional lives making them more contented in their life.

So here is some food for thought.

Develop positivity today for your complete personal wellness. Yoga definitely plays a very important part in achieving this positive pole.

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