What has your jewellery got to do with your Wellness ?

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September 16, 2017
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September 16, 2017

Here goes my article for all the ladies out there …now you have better reason to have more jewellery apart from investing in it for a rainy day …and flaunting it everyday.

Indian Vedic religion and science are inseparable! The basis of the Vedic religion is a philosophy which aims at achieving the ultimate goal of happiness, peace and harmony for us human beings. The rituals & traditions that we’ve been following are the means of achieving these goals. These rituals and traditions in the form of day to day activities, festivals, prayers, chants & jewellery are all linked to science.

Some of the examples that I could enlist here are 1.Chanting of mantras invigorates the energy centres in body, increases the memory & improves pronunciation. 2.The festivals are celebrated in accordance with the changes in seasons and the required changes in diet to suit that respective weather. Yog, the most popular “Darshan Shastra” (School of philosophy) out of the 6 other Darshan Shashtras of Vedic Hindu religion, is more of a lifestyle than a set or pattern of exercises like we perceive it today. It spans in scope from what a person should think/do/consume first in the morning to the last that he should think/do/consume in the night before bed.

One such tradition which almost all religions along with the Hindu religion follow in India is wearing jewellery.

What if I tell you that wearing jewellery not only adds to your beauty but also gives you better health ?! Sounds interesting, right?

We have all heard about acupressure and acupuncture. Jewellery achieves the very same thing. The Chinese developed this science of acupressure and acupuncture for therapeutic use and pain alleviation, but it lies absolutely with the Indian tradition of piercing the woman’s nose, ears or even wearing necklaces and bangles. The science is so well developed that even the metal worn on different body parts is different !

·      It’s recommended that we should wear gold in the upper parts of the body as provides warmth & energy while if you wear silver you need to wear it in the lower parts of the body as it absorbs heat from the body thus keeping the body balanced.

·      The Vermillion worn on the centre of forehead (the Maang tikka) worn on forehead by married women invigorates the points of memory and concentration.

·      Wearing bangles gives the maximum benefit from the acupressure point of view. Various points on the wrists when pressed for long durations provide relief from numerous conditions and diseases like alleviating anxiety & restlessness, managing hypertension & temper, reducing motion sickness & even Vertigo !! And most important of all, the wrist has acupressure points of our reproductive system. So now we can understand why the newly wed brides are made to wear so many bangles, or moreso even in the case of all the married women this is common.

·      Necklace or pendants can help with spondylitis, alleviating cold & flu, reducing migraine. Wearing a long neck-piece with heavy pendant can help with even more conditions like mental disturbance.

·      Wearing long earrings that create pressure on the point at the base of the ear, can help with Tinnitus, a condition where there is incessant ringing in the ears.

·      Toe-rings worn by married Indian women have a direct impact on a woman’s fertility. The nerves from the toe, travel directly to the uterus and a ring on this toe stimulates the uterus.

·      Anklets help alleviate conditions like backache especially of upper & the lower back, menstrual cramps, ankle & feet pain, toothache and even Vertigo.

·      Nose ring protects the woman from getting unconscious, prevents nasal infections while making her sense of smell stronger.

·      The ornament around the waist covers all the meridians that passes in front, on sides and at the back of the body curing and avoiding waist/back pain.

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