Sitting is the new Smoking, thus Yoga !

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September 15, 2017
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September 15, 2017

As we move into the next decade, we have seen the progress of technology all around us and its made our lives so simple. So simple that we have got used to such a lifestyle and now we are leading a life that’s lowered the activity levels of our body.

As we evolved from the natural jungles to the concrete jungles, we’ve had to work less harder than ever before so much so that the human body has had to evolve according to our daily lifestyles especially in the major cities & towns.

In our house, those corners that the broom cant reach, turns out to be the corner with the cobwebs and dirt. Similarly, when we don’t give sufficient movement to the body, it too starts accumulating toxins, fats and diseases.

The body systems get activated and functioning, when the body bears it own weight e.g. when you stand still and the systems slow down. ‘Actively sedentary’ is a new category of people who are fit for an hour but sitting around for the rest of the day. How does one justify 10 hours of still ness with one hour of exercise.Long periods of sitting here day-in and day-out can seriously impact your health and shorten your life.

Lets see what happens to our bodies when we sit for a long time:

Brain : Remember how we feel sluggish after sitting for long hours? Basically sitting for long, reduces the brain’s intake of fresh oxygen that’s necessary for triggering mood enhancing hormones. Similarly concentration and memory levels too deteriorate due to prolonged sitting.

Heart: The blood flows slower and muscles burn less fat when we sit, which makes it easier for fatty acids to clog the heart. Research has shown that people who sit for more than 8 hours are at greater risk of heart problems than people who sit less.

Digestion: Sitting down immediately after meals or sitting down for a long causes imbalance of metabolic liquids and processes, leading to digestion issues, less absorption of nutrition, over absorption of fats and lipids, acidity and constipation too.

Posture: Problems like strained neck and shoulders and back problems arise out prolonged sitting on your desk. This is because of strain on cervical while reading, working on computer or talking on phone. The disks in spine expand and contract when we move which helps them absorb oxygen and other nutrients in blood.

Muscle Degeneration: Like the spine, even the muscles need movement for absorption of oxygen and nutrients and prolonged sitting causes degeneration of muscles.

SOS Guys! Get up and get going !!!

Please find below a checklist of the acitivity that you can take up to stay healthier !!

Take a print out & stick it on your desktop !

Pass the list to your colleagues too !!

Checklist that can keep you moving at work place !

·      Put a timer and take small walks after every 60 min.

·      Use cordless or mobile phone instead of desk phone and walk while you talk.

·      Go fill that water bottle yourself from the water dispenser.

·      Instead of sending an email or WhatsApp to colleague to talk something please move and go to his desk to talk.

·      Take a stroll of 150-200 steps after every meal

·      Take the stairs instead of elevator.

·      Park your car away from entrance.

Checklist to sit healthy and stretch healthy on your chair !

·      Use the chair with correct setting of height.

·      Start using chairs without armrest, they will help you sit straight.

·      Stretch your hands, fingers, legs, toes at regular intervals of 45 minutes.

·      Move your shoulders and neck slowly for the stretch every hour.

·      Do Asanas like Parvatasana or slow boat while sitting in your chair.

Get up !!          Move !!          Stretch !!        Walk !!      Laugh !!    Pump the blood !!

No more couch potatoes. But a fit bunch of professionals.

Stay fit, stay healthy, stay blessed!

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