Did Draupadi have a mentor in Krishna ?

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September 12, 2017
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September 15, 2017

“Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra devata, yatraitaastu na pujyate sarvaastatra falaah kriyaah”

A shloka from the revered Manu Smriti says “The divine are extremely happy where women are respected ; where they are not, all actions (projects) are fruitless.”

Over the last decade or so, I have been reading the Mahabharata, one of the greatest Indian Epics written. In its length & breadth, I came across myriads of stories & perspectives. I’m presenting to you just one of the thoughts that came to my mind.

The entire Kuru clan stood helpless, tried to do all they could but lost to the Pandavas. The reason? “Lord Krishna! The Divine was by Pandavas side all thanks to Draupadi. Pitamah Bhishma, Guru Dronacharya to Maharathi Karna, no one could give victory to the Kauravas, because they had wronged Draupadi, the woman!

So this Woman, intrigues me the most in Mahabharat. So much so that I can see her in every woman today.

Imagine her personality! A spine of steel and a heart of Wax. She stood against injustice but loved like no one could. Juggled in between self-respect and responsibilities but loved everyone like there is no end.

So this Draupadi was tested from the very moment she was born. The reluctance of her father to accept her when she was emerging from fire made him ask for curses as blessings for her.

When she stood for marriage she chose Arjuna to be her husband but was then made to marry all five Pandavas! Imagine her plight. But this woman took it all. She is a True example of the strongest of women.

But the part of her life which attracts me the most is her relationship with the divine Lord Krishna.He was her friend, philosopher & guide, a perfect sakha.It was the perfect blend of Bhakti Rasa (devotion) and Prem Rasa (love).But not the kind of love we pursue today.

It was a bond which had acceptance and surrender. Draupadi was fondly called sakhi by Krishna, trusted her sakha absolutely.

The most important aspect of their bond was that He was always there for her. Its not about the time when Krishna saved her from being disrobed after being gambled or the time when he saved her from the wrath of Sage Durvasa. Its about most of the times when she must have felt the need of a friend, a confidante whom she could trust blindly, express herself and confide in Him. Imagine how difficult it must have been it for her to divide her love equally amongst her five husbands. How important a friend must have been to her while handling the jealousies of the 5 Pandavas to get her one true love.

Krishna her Sakha didn’t ignore her tantrums when her hormones splurged but soaked it all for her. Her sakha challenged her limitations and pushed her to her goals knowing she is woman of self-respect.Her entire life was a tapasya. And her sakha stood by her. And she stood strong and fought with full might giving all the sacrifices needed because her sakha told her.

Well, in the current too, times have not changed too much for women. Even today in household there are women who juggle in between family and career and yet have to face the wrath of family at times.

In the time of Mahabharata also, the fact is that It was Subhadra who had insulted Duryodhana more by running away with Arjuna while she was engaged to Duryodhana. But when time came to avenge the Pandavas, Duryodhana chose to insult and disrobe Draupadi.

Ever thought why?

Because Draupadi was strong, stood no wrong and always spoke her mind out. Don’t we see the same today too? Women with independent will and strong views are ones who struggle the most! Has the situation changed for the women at the workplace even in this decade ?

One leg of today’s woman is outside the house where she strongly competes with men and even wins at times!! Does the man of today share the household responsibilities or the kitchen ?

Isn’t a successful woman judged for her success saying she must have compromised ? Do we talk the same about a Man ?

So all you women out there go out and find your Sakha. Bless your life with this bond, for facing today’s world with full might. A relationship without demands and boundaries.

Cheers to Womanhood.More power to you girls.

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