Cervical spondylitis? Some tips:

Get into Right posture at work with these easy tips.
September 6, 2017
How morning yoga improves your over all performance at work!
September 6, 2017


1)Do regular exercise to maintain neck strength, flexibility and range of motion.

2)Use firm mattress, thin pillow.

3)Do turn to one side while getting up from lying down position.

4)Regularly walk or engage in low-impact aerobic activity.

5)Take regular break while driving, watching TV or working on a computer.

6)Use a seat belt when in a car and use firm collar while traveling.

7)When in acute pain take rest, immobilize the neck, and take medications as directed.


1)Avoid sitting for prolonged period of time in stressful postures.

2)Avoid running and high-impact aerobics, if you have any neck pain.

3)Do not lift heavy weights on head or back.

4)Do not drive for long hours; take breaks.

5)Avoid habit of holding the telephone on one shoulder and leaning at it for long time.

6)Do not take many pillows below the neck and shoulder white sleeping.

7)In order to turn around, do not twist your neck or the body; instead turn around by moving your feet first.

Some yogasanas to cure :

1)Surya Namaskar 2)Matsyasana 3)Bhujangasana 4)Makarasana 5)Bal-Shayanasana 6)Ardha Naukasana 7)Ardha Salbhaasana 8)Bhujangasana 9)Marjarasana

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